Privacy Policy

Please know that our website uses Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to help us track the performance of our website, and how it is used and interacted with. This helps us improve it so that we can serve our customers better. Any data that is collected is anonymous, meaning that Google is not tracking YOU personally. Rather, they are helping us keep track (anonymously) of how any website visitor uses our website.

How Usage Data is Collected

Google Analytics uses “cookies”, which are tiny bits of text that are placed on your computer to allow them to collect basic, routine visitor behaviour in ANONYMOUS form. (No need for alarm. This happens to all of us everyday when we are online.) We emphasize the word “anonymous” because no personally identifiable information about you is collected through this process, just website useage data. For example, we can see which pages you visit, and how long you stay on them.

This anonymous data about how visitors like you use the website (including your IP address) is collected by Google, then compiled into reports that include all website visitors over a given period of time. We use these statistics to help us develop a better functioning website, one that can better serve our customers, potential customers, and those simply seeking information.

We do not attempt to match, or connect an IP address with any personal information that you may have submitted. We wouldn’t know how even if we wanted to, and there is simply no need for it anyway. Google also does not associate your IP address with other data they may have. (Besides, that’s not the information we want anyway.)

Collecting Personal Information

The only personal data collected is name, email, and if you like, phone. These are collected if and when you use the contact form to email us with a question, or a request for help. (If you also want us to come to your home, you may provide us with your address.) We only use this information to contact you based on your request, or to make a service call at the address you give us. We DO NOT collect your data to share with any other party. That’s not what we’re in business to do.

How to Delete Personal Information

IF, after contacting us, you want us to delete your name, email, and any other personal information that we may have stored, simply send us an email using the form on the website and request that we delete it. We will do it at our earliest opportunity. Summary To summarize, the little bit of personal information you may submit to us is safe with us. We have no interest in sharing it. We only use it to communicate with you as needed.

We value you as customer, or potential customer, and we want you to feel as good about using our website as we want to when we use others.